ProOffice Extensions

Additional work flows are covered by our Extensions. A stand-alone use of the following Extensions is possible:

Manage leasing & rental incomes, vacancy rates, ancillary cost accounting


Energy accounting to facilitate energy saving measurements


Vehicle Fleet
Overview equipment, driver's logbook (mileage status), maintenance and costs


Costs and Budget
Make the right decisions based on budget planning and cost control


Art Directory
Inventory of your art works,centralized organization of exhibitions and loans

Organize your acquisitions, positions, warranties and inventory in an easy way


Flexible Objects
Extend our standard models and create your own object hierarchy


Project Management
Provide data, dates and tasks in a structured way to the affected persons


Warehouse Management
Central management of stocks, movements and storage section


Cable Management
Overview connection type, equipment specifications and hierarchies, fix failures

ProOffice Extensions for Solutions

The following ProOffice Extensions are only usable in combination with a ProOffice Solution:

Upgrade your CAFM floor plans, internet based mobile use


Reduce costs based on a centralized tender, examination of cleaning services


Key Management
Overview locking systems und key users in connection with your room locations


Coordinate occupancies and assign bookable resources


Condition Assessment
Capture defects and depreciations, define and prioritize investments

Tree Mobile+
Capture geodata offline without the need for any additional processing


Torrent Mobile+
Capture geodata offline without the need for any additional processing


Time Logging
Capture accomplished work for accounting and time calculation


Invoice Processing
Centralized management of purchases and correlated order processing


Value Assessment
Evaluate real estates and Buildings using the income or replacement cost approach


Depict CAFM workflows with the following Interfaces:

Import and Export your data by using web services