ArcGIS WebScenes and WebOffice: Better decisions with integrated 3D views

ArcGIS WebScenes and WebOffice: Better decisions with integrated 3D views

Current Internet browsers are powerful enough to provide 3D GIS content with high performance. This brings clear advantages for you: 3D maps are in many cases easier to read than pure 2D views and ensure better decisions.

Since the last release WebOffice offers a 2D/3D split screen mode and allows a combination of high-quality 2D GIS functions with exciting new 3D visualization possibilities. The 2D and 3D areas of WebOffice are kept synchronous. In the 2D view a trapeze shows the visible section of the 3D viewer.

From a technological point of view, the implementation bases on ArcGIS WebScenes created with ArcGIS Pro and the latest version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x. In addition to performance improvements, Esri also offers many new functions every quarter. A small selection of highlights that have been added in recent months:

  • Measurement of lines
  • Measurement of surfaces
  • Support for slides
  • Switching between different WebScenes
  • Coordinates pick off

WebOffice has been consistently expanding ArcGIS Enterprise for years and brings desktop-like GIS functions to the web. Further optimizations for the integration of 3D data are already being planned! If you are interested or have further questions, please contact the WebOffice team.

WebOffice and ArcGIS WebScenes

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