Right on track ...

Right on track ...

... when monitoring runways and airstrips at Vienna Airport using Collector for ArcGIS


A.Weninger-Vycudil (PMS Consult) and M. Nefe (Vienna Airpor) proving the solution

Every airport has an extensive infrastructure to maintain - and nothing is as business critical as the immaculate condition of airstrips/runways, taxiways and apron - all parts of the airfield. Thats why the airport has to manage and maintain every single tarmac and concrete slab. Whenever any irregular condition is visible, it is captured and attributed immediately and on-site using Collector for ArcGIS. Whenever helpful or necessary, Photos are attached to this documentation.

There is a location to every "conspicuous feature"!

Basis for capturing aereal features is a pre-defined grid for the tarmac and the real geometries of concrete slabs. To capture the characteristics of obvious damages and abnormalties to note, the application has been customized with matching input masks:

  • Holes and all navigational lights are distinctive point features
  • Cracks and ruts are linear features to be monitored and
  • Depressions and loss of material are areal objects of interest

A processing status can be assigned/changed for every object and will result in a color coded display, which makes the features easily distinguishable.

Up-to-date and mobile: T. Stachelberger (PMS Consult) together with T. Stückler (Vienna airport) in the middle of an inspection and capturing data

Because it is easy to use and intuitive, any member of the airport crew can use Collector for ArcGIS. There is no need of in-depth GIS know-how. And in the offices, data will always be up-to-date. Thats safety in practice!

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