• One Platform. Many Solutions. <br />All extensible!

    SynerGIS ProOffice

    One Platform. Many Solutions.
    All extensible!

ProOffice ist a Client-Server solution for infrastructure management which can be adapted to your needs by combining a set of solutions and extensions. External applications are easily integrated with our interfaces and flexible data structure.

Common workflow

Regardless of whether you would like to use just one solution or all of our components: The ProOffice Platform provides similar workflows of important tasks – independently of your objects such as infrastructure, building, real estate or technical device:

Capture objects

Online as Offline, in combination with other business software, in compliance with our IT-requirements, spatially explicit using CAD and GIS.

ProOffice helps you to capture the value, location and use of your objects!

Plan Collaborations

Determine responsibilities with LDAP support, plan and realize tasks, define deadlines and use your limited budget strategically.

This can be realised with ProOffice due to its modular and integrative approach!

Examine measurements

Check the condition of your object efficiently with checklists, recognize trends, understand developments, overview your measurements and counteract an undesirable development.

This makes ProOffice valuable!

Prove success

Compile protocols in pdf, Word or Excel by using templates, overview contracts, contrast costs and revenues, reduce liability with a legally compliant documentation.

Conclude your work successfully with ProOffice!

Video: Infrastructure & Facility Management with GIS and CAD
Video: The User Interface of ProOffice

Common basic functions

Our strength is the seamless integration of CAD and GIS. This helps you to recognize at a glance where measurements need to be realized. Therefore, the ProOffice Platform provides several basic functions:

Role-based user management

Administer your users with LDAP support, define role assignments, authorized products, system functions, visibilities, rankings and favorites.

Integrating GIS and CAD

GIS Integration based on OSM or GIS-Widget, DXF import, MS-Excel, KIM-interface, import other formats using easyConnect.

Interfaces and reporting

Embed external applications (e.g. Fibu, K5) via EasyConnect. Open ProOffice based on roles and parameters, Generate reports by using the integrated reporting engine.

Flexible data model

Extend our standard models with our own features without programming skills by using configuration settings.

Service desk and deadline reminder

Record notifications on the Service Desk, edit, document, organize and trigger measurements, overview and manage deadlines in combination with your Exchange-Server.

Object based document access

Upload object-bound documents, use the database structure on a Desktop or mobile device, depict document workflows with the DMS interface.

Scalable licensing model

Scalability and a very attractive licensing model based on concurrent use only will enable usage of ProOffice within virtually any size of organization – including a little village, a mega-city and a pan-national enterprise ... or a small civil engineers office. 
Initial costs and operational costs are moderate. Moving from no solution or any existing solution to ProOffice is straight forward and simple. You'll be up and running in the comfort zone quickly!

Hardware and operating scenarios

The system architecture supports various operational scenarios including individual Hard- and Software configurations.

These scenarios range from a stand-alone operation of all components on one computer to an offline-data acquisition.

Third party certifications

We are constantly monitoring trends and standards in our markets and adjust ProOffice to meet customer requirements. This includes a number of formal certifications:

The German Facility Management Association (GEFMA) is developing a conceptual framework and marketable standards for its 850 member organisations. The GEFMA certification (GEFMA 444 as of January 2017) is a widely recognized de-facto standard.

ProOffice has applied for 11 and passed 11 of 14 criteria catalogues.

The German Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) is a federal agency that, amongst many other tasks, has to maintain a list of energy management software that can be state-subsidized since it fulfills certain requirements. ProOffice energy does fulfill and thus is subsidizable.

ISO 50001
ProOffice energy fulfills the ISO 50001 requirements.

Maintenance and system requirements

To integrate into your enterprise seamlessly, you probably need features or workflows that do not come out-of-the-box. And any custom development will take time, cost money and has to be maintained afterwards. That’s where the added value of ProOffice kicks in: Due to our regular updates you’ll always be compatible with other system components.

We support you operating your system as well as integrating ProOffice into your IT (current system requirements)!