Market segements and References

Be it in public service or privat sector: ProOffice is in use in many industries. This table contains a brief overview of market segments we address and solutions we offer for them. Due to the high flexibility of ProOffice, other tailor-made solutions are feasible!

Some of our customers - sorted by industry

Public services

  • Municipalities/Cities
  • Regional and national levels
  • IT-Services for municipalities
  • Local planning departments

 Industry and Commerce

  • Chemistry- & Automotive
  • Trade, Banking, Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Energy, Environment

Infrastructure operators

  • Municipal undertakings
  • Utilities and waste disposal
  • Special-purpose associations
  • Municipal utilities

Real estate operators

  • Real estate owners and managers
  • Educational institutions
  • Enterprises
  • Insurances

References - Public services

A: Municipality Brunn am Gebirge
Strategic and functional maintenance of municipal infrastructure

Products: Building(FM), Energy, Maintenance, Contracts, Parcel management, Tree cadastre, ...

A: City of Innsbruck
Greenspace management in the city of Innsbruck. Tree cadastre solution combining ProOffice and WebOffice

Products: Tree cadastre, WebOffice

D: City of Gr├╝nstadt
Lease&Rent management, Maintenance of real estate, Tree cadastre

Products: Building(FM), Rental, Tree cadastre, WebOffice

D: County of Breisgau- Hochschwarzwald
Real estate management, Organisation and controlling of facility management processes

Products: Building (FM), Real Estate

D: Counties and urban municipalities in Mecklenburg - West Pomerania
Multifunctional Building management

Products: Building (FM), Rental, Maintenance, Contract Management ...

A: Borough Zell am See
CAFM real estate management & Management of waste water infrastructure

Products: Building (FM), Maintenance, Logbook Wastewater, Torrent

A: Borough Oberndorf near Salzburg
Tree cadastre in cooperation with Kufgem and the Austrian Federal Forestry Office

Products: Tree cadastre

D: City of Radolfszell
Being prepared with ProOffice tree cadastre

Products: Tree cadastre

D: City of Schwandorf
Record and monitor trees in the metropolitan area

Products: Tree cadastre, WebOffice

A: City of Bregenz
WebOffice and ProOffice integrated in the GIS Portal

Products: Building (FM), Real Estate, Contract management, Logbook wastewater ...

References in Industry, Commerce, Services

D: IHP GmbH, Leibniz-Institute for
innovative Mikroelektronics

Room management with CAD-Integration

Products: Building (FM), Grafic, Key management, Cleaning

D: a-ja Resort Warnem├╝nde
Maintenance in the hotel business

Products: Building (FM), Maintenance

References at infrastructure operators

A: via donau

Management of mooring sites along Austrian waterways

Products: Maintenance, EasyConnect, WebOffice, ePaper

Management of buildings and facilities, Real estate management

Products: Building (FM), Maintenance, Real estate, Inventory

References at Real estate operators

D: Dr. Robert Eckert Schools 
technical, commercial and infrastructural Facility Management

Products: Building (FM), Costs and budget

D: DBU Naturerbe (natural heritage) GmbH
Real estate management, Contracts and Controlling

Products: Building (FM), ALKIS.buch, Contract management, WebOffice

D: Wohnbau GmbH Prenzlau
Safety monitoring and legal obligations management for greenspace and trees

Products: Tree cadastre, Green and Playground, WebOffice

D: Student services Aachen
Maintenance of housing units and day-care centers

Products: Building (FM), Maintenance

References listed here are a fraction of the more than 300 SynerGIS ProOffice sites with over 10.000 active users. Many installations are non-public (Intraweb visibility only) or the customer has non-disclosed the information for competitive reasons. If you need details for any of the cited sites, please don't hesitate to contact us.