Facility Management Integrated facility management solutions with geographical information

Freely combinable solutions

Enter your business entities and their tasks. Status, planning, costs and documents are always available. Our special strength: integrated plans & maps for a spatial overview.

Building (FM)

Structure real estates-buildings-rooms, use processes based on this structure

Splitted fees

Calculate sealed soil areas and respective taxes

Real Estate

Manage properties, develop usage scenarios und evaluate your assets


Use the documentation of the german land registry, perform GIS analysis


Use the documentation of the land registry with GIS functions (Austria)

Complementary products Products that can be used together with our solutions:


Reduce costs based on a centralized tender, examination of cleaning services

Vehicle Fleet

Overview equipment, driver's logbook (mileage status), maintenance and costs


Organize your acquisitions, positions, warranties and inventory in an easy way


Coordinate occupancies and assign bookable resources


Upgrade your CAFM floor plans, internet based mobile use

Art Directory

Inventory of your art works,centralized organization of exhibitions and loans

Key Management

Overview locking systems und key users in connection with your room locations

Flexible Objects

Extend our standard models and create your own object hierarchy